DH2024 Submissions

With the submission deadline past (thank you to everyone who submitted!), we get a fascinating glimpse of our field by looking at all the proposals for the DH2024 conference. So following Scott Weingart’s example, we wanted to share a snapshot of the data.

There were a total of 545 submissions this year.

DH2024 submissions plot by type of presentation.

The majority of submissions were in English. However, there are many in Spanish, French, and German.

84% plan to attend in person in Washington, DC.  16% plan to attend virtually.

There were 80 requests for technical review. Thank you to DHTech for requesting this new initiative to match proposals with reviewers who have technical expertise.


Top 25 keywords. 'pedagogy machine learning natural language processing text analysis network analysis text mining digital history visualization accessibility infrastructure history ontology artificial intelligence digitization digital publishing social network analysis nlp named entity recognition computational literary studies ai collaboration archives linked open data annotation computer vision'

Topic modeling of the abstracts shows three main topics of interest. This is subjective, but I’d call them Global DH,  Archives & History, and Literature.

Topic modeling of abstracts


And when did everyone send in their proposals?

Plot by day of submission, with majority on the last day