October Report

We’re thrilled to announce that the Call for Proposals (CFP) is live on our website.  You can access it as an HTML webpage or a downloadable PDF in

We want to thank the Program Committee (PC), especially PC Chairs Andrew Janco & Jajwalya Karajgikar, for all their hard work on the CFP. We’re all excited to build on the work of DH2023 and bring you ADHO’s first intentionally hybrid conference. You can present your work onsite or online, as well as try out our experimental “flipped” format where you pre-record your presentations as videos that other attendees watch before the conference, enabling you to use all of your synchronous time for Q&A and live discussion.

You will notice the CFP does not indicate a conference language. There is no official language of the United States, although English is currently our dominant language. In that same spirit, there will not be an official language of DH2024, though we recognize that English is currently the dominant language of our international DH community. We welcome both proposals and presentations in any of the official ADHO languages of English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. We also would like to take this moment to thank the people named at the bottom of the various CFPs for their translation efforts.

ConfTool will open for proposal submissions on November 1st and the deadline for submissions is December 5th. After that point, we will need reviewers! A call has already gone out to past reviewers so please check your spam filters and sign up to review.

ADHO has revised its Code of Conduct to cover all aspects of DH2024, including online conference activities. This means reviewing activities will be subject to the ADHO Code of Conduct. The expanded Code of Conduct will be available at by December 1st.

And last but never least, we’re looking for keynote nominations! We would love it if the keynotes could speak to the conference theme of “Reinvention and Responsibility.” In keeping with our hybrid modality, speakers can be onsite or online, so feel free to nominate people who would make great speakers even if they can’t travel. The PC is accepting nominations at

September Report

We’re hard at work preparing for next summer’s DH 2024! At the end of last month, we did a tour of some of the spaces that we’ll be using on our Arlington campus and wanted to give you all a sneak peek as well.

Our classroom spaces are all fully set up with the technology necessary to support hybrid sessions and have sections of physically accessible seating that can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters.

auditorium seating showing location of steps and railed off section of accessible seating in centerclassroom seating showing location of stairs, shared table space, and accessible seating at front of room; a/v equipment is visible in the corner and on the ceiling

There is plenty of hangout space for coffee/tea breaks, including open spaces for large groups as well as smaller areas (with a variety of seating types) for quieter socializing. For those of us who are still taking precautious against infectious disease, we have a great outdoor space in the adjacent plaza, which has also been reserved for the conference.

large open room showing round tables with chairsline of armchairs facing each other on the left, and bar stool seating at a bar looking out windows on the right

large open plaza, partially roofed, with picnic tables and umbrellas

And last, but certainly not least, we will have some special-purpose spaces set up and participants will be able to take advantage of existing purposed spaces such as the nursing mother’s room on the 3rd floor of the conference venue.

room with tree and bird murals on the wall, a colorful carpet, armchair, side table, and lamps

Have any accessibility concerns about DH 2024? Please feel free to contact Jessica Otis

Welcome to DH in DC

The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media invites you to join us in Washington, D.C. from August 6-9, 2024 for DH 2024: Reinvention & Responsibility.